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Revamp your Writing Process with AI: Best Tips and Tools for Efficient Copywriting

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AI content marketing tools are flooding the market, but should you use them?
In this article, we´ll highlight the best AI for copywriting. From tools for creating landing pages, captions, newsletters, blog content or just minimizing errors.

Picture this: you are a copywriter and have to write 4 articles by the end of the day, doing the keyword research, defending your audience, and writing catchy headlines. If you feel identified by this situation, you should consider yourself to start using AI. These tools will help you to create high-quality content faster, especially if you aren´t a professional. However, there are some things that you’ll have to do.

How does AI for copywriting work?

All AI writing content creation tools use Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning. They start scraping the web, providing a new copy based on the existing ones. The big difference with humans is that they can sift through information fast. This drives us to the biggest limitation, as they reference another web content, there’s no guarantee that the copy will be plagiarism free.
Although you can spin the text, that’s an SEO black hat technique so you must be extremely careful if doing it.
Therefore, here´s an overview of how you can create a copy using AI:

  • Chose a topic
  • Write a prompt. You should provide all the necessary guidelines, from keywords, tone of voice, format, or information.
  • Edit and polish. That´s the most important step. AI content writing tools need someone who knows the brand, and the audience and, of course, is capable of writing like a human being rather than a machine.

How to write an effective prompt for AI

The online way to get the output you want is by providing the bot with all the information to work. That´s what we call a prompt. You have to constantly test your requests to get the outcome you need. Here I listed a few tips to get the most out of your prompts.

  • Give context. Like humans, AI needs information to work correctly. Instead of using a basic prompt like: “write about remote work”, ask to: “Write a blog post about how to manage meetings when you work remotely”
  • Include information. For instance, if you want a summary of a specific article, you should pass the full-text article. Remind that Chat GPT doesn´t have access to the internet and only has information about things before 2021.
  • Define the format. You can tell how you want the desired output, for instance, in a table or even an HTML code.
  • Tell it the length. If you just need a headline or an article of 500 words, the only thing you have to do is to specify.
  • Use handy expressions. For example: “As a [profession]” or “In the style of [a famous person]”. This helps frame the bot’s tone of voice, as well as, the knowledge.
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Best AI copywriting tools

Nowadays everybody is talking about ChatGPT but is not the only one. Certainly, there are many AI software for copywriting as many other functions. Copy.ia is another great option to create high-quality content using templates or different kinds of content. Grammarly can help you to check your texts.
But AI is not just for copywriting, you can also write prompts to create images with Dall-e or even Canva. Don´t like editing videos? Runway is a great option.
As the market is demanding more and more content, the number of content creators is growing to meet the demand but sometimes could be tough working without team support. That´s why I’ll show you how AI for copywriting can help you.

Ways AI can support your content creation process

  • Speed up your copy, saving time and letting you focus on other tasks
  • Undertaking repetitive and grueling tasks
  • Generate ideas or keywords. But just for having suggestions, because the tool may show you words that aren’t relevant for users’ research. Neither can distinguish between transactional or informative search intent.
  • Ideas for CTA
  • Customize your content. You can tailor it for a specific platform or audience
  • Write catchy headlines that are optimized for SEO
  • Summarize an article
  • Create content outlines

Will AI replace copywriters?

I think ChatGPT has all the media coverage, which might have twisted the message. For how many years have we been using Google Translate and no one has even thought about replacing translators?
AI tools struggle to create compelling and unique engaging narratives that adapt to customer or market changes. There are unable to create a community or build trust and credibility because of the lack of human touch.
The main point is to consider these tools as a way to avoid repetitive tasks such as typing. In the same way, a scientist could use a calculator. AI could be a great ally in the process of creating content. Have you started using it, yet?

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