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How TikTok algorithm works for brands and people

TikTok is changing the rules on social media. While on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram we see what people we follow are posting, TikTok works differently. Here is everything you need to know about how TikTok algorithm works in 2022.

What is the TikTok algorithm?

The TikTok algorithm is based on a recommendation system. As well as when you buy or search something online. But, how exactly works?

When you enter the platform, you are going to land on the For You feed. Here you can see videos curated to your interests. This is the greatest feature on TikTok, because there’s no two identically feeds. Each one, it’s tailored to specifics interests. But there’s also another distinct element. While normally on social media you consume the content that people or brands you are following makes, on TikTok you’ll see that, but most of the time, it’ll be personalized recommendations.


You’ll always stay longer if it’s about things you’re into NOW versus people who were interested WHEN

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What is important and not for the TikTok algorithm?

These personalized recommendations are based on:

  • User interactions: videos you like, share, comment, make and accounts you follow.
  • Video information: captions, titles, sounds, hashtags
  • Account settings: language, country and the device you are using. Of this information, it’s likely to be less significant than the user interaction.

Each feed is unique and that gives a big opportunity for small and new accounts. Almost everyone, on TikTok, can make a video become viral. You know why? Because it’s not a matter of how many followers you have. Of course the more you have, the better it is, but the fact is that is about the content you make and how you help TikTok to maintain and increase the time usurers spend on the platform. Only with this formula, this app can become addictive. Do you want to know what are the things that TikTok algorithm takes in account to get you more views?

How to go viral on TikTok?

Focus on the right data: if you are looking the number of likes, followers, or share; I might say, you’re wrong. What is important here is the time users spend watching your video. The higher is your average time, the more your video is going to be shown on the FYP. The average time is the result of comparing the video length (15 seconds, 60 seconds or 3 minutes), with the time users spend watching your video. Of course, if your video is longer, the average watch time required is less.

Keep an eye on trends: following trends is one of the best ways to get you more views on your videos. Always try to adapt them to your own “tone of voice” or personality.

Hashtags: don’t use just the generic ones like #fyp. Mix them with the specifics you have. Try to discover what are the hashtags your niche is using. The character limit of TikTok is 150. An indirect hashtag limit, though.

Have a strong hook: a compelling beginning is what’s going to make users spend more time watching your video, which means more chances to get viral.

Use Music: use trend songs and voice-overs. Even if the volume, it’s really low or zero, works the same way for the algorithm.

Use text: if you use text on your videos, your audience is going to spend more time watching it and trying to read it. Just a little trick!

Collaborate with other creators: with influencers, but also in duets with others to gain more visibility.

Frequency: completely different to Instagram. No perfect landscapes or life are needed. But frequency here is important.

Why is a UGC so essential on TikTok?

TikTok is, most of the time, about videos. But if you are a brand, who is going to be on those videos? The community manager is not a model nor an actress, and in the truth it is not his or her job to appear in those videos. The User Generated Content (UGC) is made by costumers, and it can be from videos, photos, unboxing, reviews, podcasts, blog posts and so on. It’s quite cheaper than hiring an influencer and helps to grow the community as well as act as a trust signal. On a social media channel, which provides the opportunity to show yourself a bit more naturally than on other platforms that we are used to, that means a lot in terms of engagement with your audience.

Some marketing agencies started to hire a “TikTok content superstar”. A person who is in charge of making videos for their clients.

So, whether you want to appear on TikTok videos or not, the opportunity is here, take it!

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