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I’m Belén Martí


You care about how you sound. I can help



Content is king. Then blogs are the best tool. With relevant content, you’ll increase the traffic.

SEO Strategy

With a well-developed strategy, I can improve your website position in google search results by keywords researches and optimized content.


Website copywriting

Are you starting a new web and do you need a site map and content with a tone that match´s your business? You are in the right place

Video scripts

Whether it’s a YouTube video, a conference or a podcast. You need to thinking about what is the best way to express your ideas in a few minutes. But don´t worry, I can do it for you

Press release

Maximize your media exposure and increase your brand authority with an accurate, compelling and objective press release

Social media

Any brand has their own personality with their unique tone of voice. Find it and make content that generates engagement with the audience, it’s so important as having a logo.

Enough photos. You are here for words

I’m Belén, a quite curious copywriter that is always coming up with new projects. I really enjoy creating optimized content for search engines, combining lovely words with SEO.

I’ve been working in different sectors, for instance: culture, tourism, aesthetic, personal branding, decor, mattresses, and e-learning

To success on the internet, you need original content that generates engagement with the audience, but also using keywords for SEO without looking like a shopping list. Let me help, so you’ll never fell overwhelm by a blank page again.

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